During the Show, When I Saw Bethenny

Someone from Audience asked Bethenny about “Scary Island”
..She says it was “SO MUCH WORSE” than what we saw on tv, (Can u imagine..lol) said, Kelly was “Truly, in what seemed to Her, Producers & Others as a Medical Breakdown, Meltdown, Just Needed Help, she said. B, said, Producers placed Security Guards outside Her (B’s) Door, until They “Removed Kelly from the Island”. Said that Kelly was like, “Chanting”, One of producers names is Matt, & Kelly starts “CHANTING” Matt-matt-matt-matt Over & Over, Up in his face… They All Were Freaked, Scared & Worried about Her Behavior & Health. They finally got Kelly off the Island the Next Morning. Whewww!!
Bethenny DID go into Detail about it..
Can We Say


Btw.. Gina, No Longer works for Bethenny!
They’re Still Friends, and Bethenny Said, She’ll Always Be a Part of Their Family. B said, (*On this Night*) Gina had some Medical Issues *Partial Hysterectomy* & Family Issues, and she Needed to take care of herself & other issues as Well. 🙂
Bethenny Speaks to her all the time. I could tell, there is MUCH LOVE for Gina 🙂

Bethenny & Jason, now have a Nanny. She’s NOT a Live in Nanny, She’s usually there 8a-5pm 4 days a Week.

We’ll have to Stay Tuned to See What Happens 🙂
On, Bethenny Ever After 🙂

Thanks, for Letting Me Share this with you, “My TweetHearts” 😀

By: Darlene – @TweetinGrandma On Twitter