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By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ @TweetinGrandma On Twitter

Would ‘Real’ NY housewife Jill Zarin, pose as her fans online? Duh!


Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Reality TV personality Jill Zarin cleans during NBC Universal’s Central Park Beautification project on April 20, 2011 in New York City.

‘Real’ NY housewife Jill Zarin, poses as fans online?

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By: Athima Chansanchai

As Always, My *Comments are marked with a Star* & BOLD

I admit, I watch the “Real Housewives of New York City.” Or, at least I did, until Bethenny Frankel left.*Me too, girlfriend* I always felt like she was the one person on that show I’d love to meet *I Did just that, and LOVED IT*and could imagine being friends with.*I’d Love every minute of it* Before her departure, I had that same rubberneck fascination as other fans, watching these “money can’t buy you class” rich ladies make every friendship I’ve ever had seem that much more precious.*You speaketh Truth, “My Friend”.* 😉

No one was more a target for collective derision than the egocentric, louder-than-life Jill Zarin, a woman who could barely stand to not be the center of attention,*Smack dab in the Center* the first to cast aspersions on the other housewives and the last to let go of a grudge.*Didn’t you know, that’s her middle name. Jill Grudge Zarin

When New York Magazine’s Vulture published a post suggesting that RHONYC might fire all the current bickering Betties and just start again from scratch, riffing off a New York Post story, it invited nearly 100 comments.*Yep, Sounds Suspicious, “Jill”* Not so high, and not so unusual a count, but it seems like several commenters are convinced that Zarin, posing under several aliases, used the comments section to bolster support for her staying on the show.*Tricky Witchy* (Hat tip to Gawker for the find!) *Make that a Double Tip*

Here is some of the unabashed pro-Jill gushing:

Gingerette3: “Bravo is nothing more than one big BS machine, creating stories like this to rile you people up. They would NEVER drop this cast. Maybe Alex and Kelly but NEVER the rest. Too many people love Jill Zarin. She is the best of all housewives. We LOVE her!!”

Cookie09: “The problem with the show right now is the blondes have an obvious agenda. They are so fake it’s ridiculous. The friendship between Alex and Ramona causes me to run for the Pepto Bismal (sic). Give Jill Zarin her own show and get rid of these co-stars. Bring Kelly along for laughs. I think this is BS to drum up ratings btw.”

JillZarinFan1: “Why is Bravo panicking? Who can say Beverly Hills will do well again? I would agree with the long needed removal of Alex McCord as well as Ramona who has obviously drank herself into another reality. But I watch the show for ladies like Jill Zarin, the Countess and even Sonja who is funny as hell to watch. I agree the episodes without Jill this season were iffy, but last week was great. Jill has a star quality that makes the show great.”

What makes this even remotely interesting is that this would be a repeat offense by Zarin, *Why am I NOT surprised!* who was pegged by Gawker as the perpetrator *Ok, I thought of a few choice words for it, but I’ll go with perp!* of favorable Amazon reviews of her book, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Family, Real Love.”*Which she continues to hock every chance she gets*

The unwritten laws of the Internet dictate self-policing and calling out when it seems like a troll is afoot. Hey, A Troll is afoot, and a Loud mouth, too! (I was calling Out!) 😀

More from Vulture::

Cparkeast: “As always Jill goes over the top with one comment after another herself under different names. There really aren’t that many Jill Zarin fans in this world so of course the readers would get suspicious.” *Now that’s, An Understatement!*

*I LOVE THESE “Call Outs”*

Gerji6: “Gingerette, You certainly are pro-Jill Zarin. I can’t help but notice that you have the same name as her dog…G I N G E R ! Coincidence?”

(Which sparked this response from @freelyvivacious: @Gerij6 – Not at all a coincidence. Jill’s fans go by the name Gingerettes. Annie and I came up with it. It is originated by her beloved Ginger and her ginger hair.)
*Yeah, Right!*

Leatherfacedtranny: “OMG i take back every nice thing i said about Jill Zarin. Her interns are clearly back at work trying to save her butt. Every nice thing about Zarin on this blog is said by someone who has never commented at NYMag before. Conspiracy!”*I LOVE YOU Leatherfacedtranny* 😉
*Good for you, LFT, Me thinks, transparent enough to see thru, too* 🙂

If Zarin is trying to win the hearts and minds of fans to stay on the show, or even spin-off her own,*NOT Gonna Happen, Jillsy.. You, Don’t Even, have that kinda “Fan Base”, & to be honest, I’d Rather watch Reruns of Real Housewives of Miami (We all know how that worked out) before I’d watch a ‘Cough’ Show, “Staring You!”* she has a ways to go to convince people she’s deserving, *Ya think* if people assume so readily she’d come up with fake fans to keep her 15 minutes of fame. *No, Not Jill Zarin! *smh* She’s such a DESPERATE FAMEWHORE. She’ll Do & Try Anything to keep her fugly Mug on TV, and In the public eye. She’s burned her Bridges, and Can’t get back to the “Other Side”.
DEAL WITH IT, Jillousy.
My Beloved, Bethenny Frankel is 1 in a Million, because She’s HONEST, Funny, Sweet, Smart (In Every Way), Loving wife & Mother, and because of All that, She’s Very Entertaining for TV, her fans(ME), and Viewers(ME). Her Show, Bethenny Ever After, that She Executive Produces, is AMAZING. I personally Love that its Truly Based on HER LIFE, and Excludes petty “Girl fights, Jealous taunts, Envy of others Lives, and Conversations with a “So called friend” that says via phone, (with a “friend” listening) “WE’RE DONE”. Remember Jill, You said that to Bethenny.. Your Loss, and Look how She’s Been Blessed in Return. ABUNDANTLY.* 😀

— via Gawker
(KUDOS, Gawker)

By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ and @TweetinGrandma On Twitter

Bethenny Frankel – “I am not going to be bullied”

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As ALWAYS, My Comments/Input, Are Marked With a *Star*

Bethenny Frankel fights back against $100 million lawsuit:
‘I am not going to be bullied’

*New York Times Best selling author of “A Place of Yes” and STAR/Executive Producer of Bethenny Ever After says,* ‘I am not going to be bullied’

*Source:New York Daily News*
BY Shari Weiss

*Article from: NYDN*

Friday, May 13th 2011, 9:20 AM

Bethenny Frankel is considering filing a counter suit against her former manager, *Douchebag* Doug Wald.

Big fat lawsuit: Bethenny Frankel sued for $100 million over Skinnygirl Margarita deal

The way *Bethenny Frankel* tells it, the $100 million lawsuit filed against her by a former manager is much ado about nothing.

*Douchebag* Doug Wald, the co-president of Raw, where Frankel was once a client, has alleged he’s entitled to a share of the profits the reality star made from selling her *Skinnygirl Cocktails* line shortly after she fired him.

“Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one,” Frankel told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “This is simply someone with his hand out, who did nothing to earn it, and I am not going to be bullied.” *You tell it, girlfriend* 😀

The former *”Real Housewives of New York”* cast member, *New York Times Best selling author of “A Place of Yes” and STAR/Executive Producer of Bethenny Ever After* reportedly raked in a whopping $120 million for the sale. Wald is seeking a 10% cut in addition to $100 million in punitive damages.

But Wald may end up actually owing Frankel money if she proceeds with a lawsuit of her own.

“We are exploring all of our options,” she told THR, “including filing counter claims against these people.”

Frankel further told People that despite this hiccup, life remains “good,” particularly because her family – husband Jason Hoppy and 1-year-old daughter Bryn – are doing well.

“But let’s be clear, I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid and won’t back down when I’m bullied by something with zero merit,” she told the magazine. “Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others.”

*And, That’s Why I Love you Bethenny!* 🙂

By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ @TweetinGrandma On Twitter

What the Twat is Happening on “RealOldHouswife’s Blog”?


I mean, C’mon..peeps! If you’re gonna post a COMMENT on ANYONES BLOG the LEAST you can do is LEAVE YOUR NAME!

Geez Laweez!! Don’t you peeps know, It just ain’t right to utter such Nonsense at folks if you’re gonna be too Chicken-Chit to OWN YOUR WORDS

Seriously, Why go through all the time of typing up all your “Profound Thoughts”, if you’re too Insecure, Scared, Ashamed, Bashful, Embarrassed..Uh.. Chicken-Chit (*PICK ONE*) to Own up to your Words.

This is AMERICA for Gosh Sake, Freedom of Speech flows freely In this Great Land. Use that God Given Privilege & Add your Name. Heck, if you don’t want to use your real name, username (for Twitter) & I Understand Why, But Dang, just make one up. If you want to comment on a blog or Reply to someone who did, give the other person that wants to Comment/Reply to what you’ve said, A NAME to Use. Its way too confusing to keep saying, Uh…Anonymous.. *Duh* When there are five to fifteen (probably More) Anonymous-ers on the Blog posting. It would definitely make it easier to keep up with Who’s Who.. Know What I Mean, VERN?

Can you Imagine the “Great Debate” that could go on, if people knew who they were referring to. I mean for Real, Even when you go to a Burger Joint they at least give you a receipt with a Number on it so as to IDENTIFY YOU.

Imagine trying to carry on a conversation with 5 or 6 people, that all are named Anonymous *YEAH, See What I’m saying?* Would get confusing, Huh!!

So… Break outta that “Incognito BS, and Put A DANG NAME, to YOUR WORDS (Its Tickin Me OFF) Or STFU! *Pardon My French, Initials* 😉

Hopefully, This little, Semi-Blogging Comments Etiquette Will make a Difference, and if Not, all I can say is,


Check out My Sweet Friend

Real(ly) Old Housewives’s of Manatee County Blog!

Read her Last Blogpost (IT’s GOOD) & Then the “COMMENTS” and You’ll Understand Why I Wrote This. 🙂

Thanks for Stopping In 🙂

By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ @TweetinGrandma On Twitter