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Bethenny Frankel fights back against $100 million lawsuit:
‘I am not going to be bullied’

*New York Times Best selling author of “A Place of Yes” and STAR/Executive Producer of Bethenny Ever After says,* ‘I am not going to be bullied’

*Source:New York Daily News*
BY Shari Weiss

*Article from: NYDN*

Friday, May 13th 2011, 9:20 AM

Bethenny Frankel is considering filing a counter suit against her former manager, *Douchebag* Doug Wald.

Big fat lawsuit: Bethenny Frankel sued for $100 million over Skinnygirl Margarita deal

The way *Bethenny Frankel* tells it, the $100 million lawsuit filed against her by a former manager is much ado about nothing.

*Douchebag* Doug Wald, the co-president of Raw, where Frankel was once a client, has alleged he’s entitled to a share of the profits the reality star made from selling her *Skinnygirl Cocktails* line shortly after she fired him.

“Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one,” Frankel told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “This is simply someone with his hand out, who did nothing to earn it, and I am not going to be bullied.” *You tell it, girlfriend* 😀

The former *”Real Housewives of New York”* cast member, *New York Times Best selling author of “A Place of Yes” and STAR/Executive Producer of Bethenny Ever After* reportedly raked in a whopping $120 million for the sale. Wald is seeking a 10% cut in addition to $100 million in punitive damages.

But Wald may end up actually owing Frankel money if she proceeds with a lawsuit of her own.

“We are exploring all of our options,” she told THR, “including filing counter claims against these people.”

Frankel further told People that despite this hiccup, life remains “good,” particularly because her family – husband Jason Hoppy and 1-year-old daughter Bryn – are doing well.

“But let’s be clear, I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid and won’t back down when I’m bullied by something with zero merit,” she told the magazine. “Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others.”

*And, That’s Why I Love you Bethenny!* 🙂

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