YES, that’s what I Said.. Looks like Someone’s *Gretchen* Shmoozin & BLUE BALLIN & getting all Cozy with the, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Do I Sense New Letters at the end of Gretchens’ High Flying – Real Housewives Banner? Suspicious Much?…YES, I AM
Saturday Night, March 26th..

The “Real Housewives” met up & partied hearty,
But Before the Blue Ballin Begins Gretchen got her Hair Did, and I’m not sure if I’m digging the Straight haired, Bangs Wearing, “Real-OC-Housewive’s” New Do. *What say YOU?*

I didn’t even Recognize Her OC-Self. Hey, A woman has a God given right to Dye, Cut, Change her hair every month or two, But for God’s sake Gretchen, WARN US NEXT TIME.
if she Keeps the new “Do”, It’ll take some getting used to.
Dang! What a difference a set of Bangs & Straight hair did for girlfriend. *Personally* I prefer the flowing goldie locks look, But you go on with your Bad-Ass-Self, G.
To each her own, but if you *Gretchen* Happen to walk by an empty light bulb socket, Just tap your finger in it for a sec, and you’ll get that fuller, fluffier & Well, Maybe a bit to much Frizzed Out Look
I Kid, I kid 😀
Girlfriend went from fluffy to flat. In the Boobs area its BAD, but for the Hair it’s WORSE.
Yes, its True… I Could Be a Jersey Girl, But I’m A Southern Woman, and God Knows we/I Like Bigger Hair too.
The Bigger the Hair, The CLOSER to GOD ~AMEN~

Meanwhile, Back to Gretchens hair & Blue Ballin Gretchens New Hair Do makes me Wonder if She’s trying to Move into the 90210 zip code, Would a woman change her looks, the way she talks, walks, lives, etc, All for the sake of being on a Reality TV Show? You Bet your Sweet A$$ …*I WOULD*… lmao…

Perez Hilton’s HUGE BLUE BALL Birthday Bash (Did that Sound Funny, or is it just Me? I mean, HUGE & BLUE BALL in the Same Sentence is just *FUNNY*

The BlueBall/BlueHair Lovin Infamous blogger Perez Hilton Celebrated his 33rd Birthday on Saturday night in ONLY a WAY HE Could Pull Off ~ Throwing a BLUE BALL!

A long list of Who’s Who ~AKA~ A-List Celebs came out to Celebrate in. TRUE BLUE Style. The BLUE BALL Was Held at Siren Studios in the heart of Hollywood, and Everything (and Everyone) was seeing BLUE. From Blue lighting, to cocktails and even clothing, there was a slew of celebs who had the Blues.
Check Out, The Blue-tiful Selena Gomez

She’s so Dang Cute 🙂 She’s Bluem’d *Had To Say it*😀 Into a Gorgeous young woman. I LOVE how she went all out, Blue Ballin to the Max, definitely nothing wrong with Selena having the Blues. If you’re gonna have a Color theme, I say “The More Color the Better”. I’m just GLAD it wasn’t a “BOTH WORDS” THEME
Can you imagine how many Dudes & Dudettes from Hollywood Blvd. would have been Begging to get in?!?
Talk about *My BLUE Heaven – Part 2*

Speaking of Blue Balls HA! Real Housewive’s of Beverly Hills own *Can’t Even Give a Dude, Blue Balls* TayLiPS Armstrong was Ballin… Uh…Dancing it Up with, Dancing with the Stars Professional Louis Van Amstel At one point there was even a dance-off between Lucious Louis, and Ms TayLiPs herself. I Hope Louis didn’t trip over her Gynormous Lips……*Wait for it* 😀

Is someone *Taylor* trying to become a contender for next seasons “Dancing with The Stars?” Ooh, Wait.. Its Dancing With The Stars, NOT “Dancing With the Scars”. HA!

Here’s a few more pictures from saturday nights BLUE BALLIN BIRTHDAY BASH

YES! I See London, I See France, I See Camille’s underpants! *Ruh-Roh-Reorge* 🙂 If I Had a Body like hers, I’d wanna Show my draws all the time.. LOL!! Looking Good, Camille 😉 “Everybody Knows…*The flash from the cameras, get the “Unders” everytime*…
Btw, Does Taylor “Lips” Armstrong, Look “Preggers” to you?!? She’s usually in a tight, short, super skimpy little number! So why the tent dress, Tay-Tay? Are you hiding a *Baby Bump*? I’m Just Saying
Remember peeps, You heard it here first.* 😉

Chelsey Lately’s own, Ms *BLUE BALL* Herself,Heather McDonald & RHOBH Gretchen Rossi
*Looking Gorgeous Ladies*

Thanks for letting Me OVER USE The Words, BLUE BALLIN

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitpic & Plixi

By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ @TweetinGrandma On Twitter