Kim Zolciaks Baby Shower *Minus the Froo-Froo & Fairies*

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Kim Zolciack & Her Friend Stephen Moleski “The Makeup Man” Ready to go to the Baby Shower!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak & Fiance Kroy Biermann, are having a Baby *In case you’ve been living under a rock*;) and a few of her co-stars came out to celebrate with their friend/co-star, during her Baby Shower.
Kim is reportedly due in “Late Spring”

The Baby Shower for Kim & Kroy, was held at the elegant Grand Atrium, in downtown Atlanta, on Sunday – April 17th, 2011.
family, friends & celebs came out to celebrate with them.
Kroy Biermann, Happy New father-to-be & Mama Kim Zolciack, proudly displaying her Baby Bump, Out front & center.

Kim’s wearing A form fitting long dress, and is nothing less than what I would have expected, to see Mama Kim wearing. Its really nice to see a pregnant woman embracing her baby bump. She definitely stayed true to her own style, and may I add she owned & captured the essence of who she is. I think she wore it well, and still allowed her pregnancy glow to shine through. The dress is form fitting from the top to knee section, with the bottom half flowing. It brought out that Mother Nature Look for Kim, None the less, a Sexier Mother Nature”

Kim, Standing beside her Man/Baby Daddy Kroy, who obviously is ecstatic. The Big Smile on his face speaks volumes, and I’m sure it won’t be fading, anytime soon.

Seeing Kroy, Standing beside Kim, its plain to see the look of excitement, Happiness & Joy, in their lives. *They’re both beaming.* Kim is proudly showing off her ever growing, baby bump. Girlfriend looks like she’s ready to pop any day now. By the way, It was Mama Kim who said, “She is having a boy”, and I know & learned this from her tweet on twitter.

Kim, Kroy & her girls are all super excited for a son & brother, and are counting down the “DAYS” til he arrives.

Ironically, It appears first time Dad Kroy, will be having a lot more time to spend at home with Kim and their new son. Since, The NFL is still in lockout. (I think it means the players are on strike) Kroy is a defensive player for The NFL – ATLANTA FALCONS. Sounds to me like its a Win-WIN

The Mom-to-Be, Was dressed in a figure flattering floor length dress, that Accentuated her Baby Bump to a T.
She’s wearing, Rafeal Cennamo Dress and Guiseppe Stilettos shoes.

*WOW! Can’t Believe she wore these 6 inch Stilletos for ANY length of time* “PREGNANCY IN, STILETTOS OUT!”…Hey, I’m Just Saying! But, the ready to pop, Mom-To-Be CHANGED OUT OF THOSE STILETTOS Really Quick (See What I’m talkin bout) into some “Custom Made” Rhine stoned slippers, designed by Shajan Clay.
“Humm!! Going for the “Pregnant Cinderella Look”:) When you’re 9 months pregnant, COMFORT Wins everytime.

Kim’s youngest daugther, Arianna, holding a sign that said “Tight A**”.
If you’re a diehard Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, you’ll definitely remember, that’s what Kim called Kroy when she first met him on The Show. When Kim & the other castmates came out to “SUPPORT” castmate Sheree Whitfield, in her Dancing Debut at the “Atlanta Celebrity Version” of “Dancing With the Stars”. Kim was smitten, NO, Drooling over Kory’s Tight A$$, and that’s where their “Storybook FairyTAIL” began. LOL!! Can you imagine the Tails they’ll Tail their Son, when he’s older.Ok… Back to the Baby Shower…Kims youngest daughter Arianna, looking pretty (Minus the Sign)

Arianna Zolciak

*IMO* NOT COOL for a Child, to be Displaying a Sign that Says “Tight A**”

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss, was there wearing a Pretty royal blue dress. *Looking Good, Kandi* and she brought her Mama Joyce along, too. Mama Joyce, looking Good 🙂

Kim’s assistant, Sweetie Hughes was there of course, “Braid Free” and with a New Cute hairdo. I’m Lovin it and standing beside Sweetie, is Kim’s Eclectic stylist, Shun Melson. For the Record YES! “Sweetie”, is her Real name given at birth, and on her, Birth Certificate. So Say, Kim & Sweetie, Via Twitter @sweetiehughes

No baby shower would be complete without remembering the “Froo-Froo Queen of Baby Showers” Phaedra Parks & her Hubby Apollo. Umm hmmmm!!
Is it just Me, or Does Phaedra look Preggers?Maybe its just the Dress she’s wearing.! Ummm Hmmmm!!

And, Last but not least, Everybody Knows, (Especially in the South) You’ve Got to have a “Glass Engraved Invitation” As a Momemto/Keepsake, to Proudly display in the Baby’s Nursery. 🙂

I Don’t believe Kim & Kroy will be having a Sip-N-See after their little, Bundle of Baby Boy Arrives. Guess we’ll have to Wait-N-See about that.
But Don’t Bet On It:)
Hopefully Soon, I’ll be posting an announcement,
Baby Boy Biermann, has Arrived

Because Mama Kim, looks like she could Pop Him Out any minute. I’m sure girlfriends, MORE THAN READY, To PUSH her Shweet Baby Boy, OUT!
Congrats, Kim, Kroy, Brielle, Arianna & Family, He’ll Be Here Soon 😉 God Willing

I just happened to see this on twitter Late Last night!
This is a ReTweet from @KimZolciack (04-18-11) RT @Kimzolciak: Thank you for coming 1 week away from delivery

Sounds like Kim will REALLY be giving birth, Any day now. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear it on the local Atlanta news.

Until Next time, Keep Spreading *PEACE, JOY & LOVE*

By: NeeNee ~Darlene~ @TweetinGrandma On Twitter

REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA – NeNe Leakes & Star Jones Ex, Al Reynolds *Getting Cozy*

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REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA – NeNe Leakes & Star Jones Ex, Al Reynolds *Getting Cozy*

* about getting BACK at someone* Star Jones’ Ex-Husband, Al Reynolds, is tweeting his love for NeNe Leakes. 🙂

*Wooo Hooo!! Sounds like party time* 😉
Hmmm.. I’m thinking, Ms. Star Jones, is none too thrilled about this! *girlfriend probably crying herself to sleep at night, Umm hmmm (Oops, this ain’t Phaedra y’ bad)*

Now, Star is gonna be seeing pics of them everywhere. *Oh what a tangled web we weave, When…blah..blah..blah* This picture doesn’t look, too “Innocent” either, I mean, Al’s got his Arm around Nene’s waist so tight, it puts a Huge Smile on Ms Leakes face. I bet Nene’s loving every minute of it too, whether she has a little “sumpin-sumpin” going on with him or not. Or she could be throwing back some of those knives Star used *figuratively speaking* on Celebrity Apprentice. We all know, or you should by now, that Nene & Star continue to be Enemies. *I love this chit* 🙂

Hey, I don’t exactly know what’s going on, but NeNe and Al are having a nice little love-fest, via Twitter. Al posted the tweet with picture first, then Nene Retweets it. *somethings fishy, ya think?* 😉

Ahh.. They’re probably just good friends, hanging out, and hanging all over each other, Right? 😉 hehehe!!

But, Wait.. Wasn’t there A lot of “Gay Rumors” going around while Star and Al were going through their Divorce?*Dude did whatever it took to get outta that marriage, or maybe he is gay, *that’s cool* and you know Nene is…I mean, Loves her some Drag Queens. I can Only Imagine how much FUN their having discussing *yeah, we can call it that* Their Fondness or Lack therof for Star. *I’d love to be a fly on the wall while they “Discuss” Star*

From reading their tweets, it seems that they met up in Miami, and had a Good time. 😉
*Ooh-la-la-la.. Oh Paris*
(I love that song 😉 *Grace Potter & the Nocturnals*

Ok..ok.. Back to NeNe & Al (Star, too)

I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled back & ears wide open (or..Vicey Versey) to see what the future brings for these two. (*Or till Celebrity Apprentice is over*) Until then… BAM, Baloop, Boink, Blah, Blah, Blah…

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitpic

By: Darlene – @TweetinGrandma On Twitter