REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATLANTA – NeNe Leakes & Star Jones Ex, Al Reynolds *Getting Cozy*

* about getting BACK at someone* Star Jones’ Ex-Husband, Al Reynolds, is tweeting his love for NeNe Leakes. 🙂

*Wooo Hooo!! Sounds like party time* 😉
Hmmm.. I’m thinking, Ms. Star Jones, is none too thrilled about this! *girlfriend probably crying herself to sleep at night, Umm hmmm (Oops, this ain’t Phaedra y’ bad)*

Now, Star is gonna be seeing pics of them everywhere. *Oh what a tangled web we weave, When…blah..blah..blah* This picture doesn’t look, too “Innocent” either, I mean, Al’s got his Arm around Nene’s waist so tight, it puts a Huge Smile on Ms Leakes face. I bet Nene’s loving every minute of it too, whether she has a little “sumpin-sumpin” going on with him or not. Or she could be throwing back some of those knives Star used *figuratively speaking* on Celebrity Apprentice. We all know, or you should by now, that Nene & Star continue to be Enemies. *I love this chit* 🙂

Hey, I don’t exactly know what’s going on, but NeNe and Al are having a nice little love-fest, via Twitter. Al posted the tweet with picture first, then Nene Retweets it. *somethings fishy, ya think?* 😉

Ahh.. They’re probably just good friends, hanging out, and hanging all over each other, Right? 😉 hehehe!!

But, Wait.. Wasn’t there A lot of “Gay Rumors” going around while Star and Al were going through their Divorce?*Dude did whatever it took to get outta that marriage, or maybe he is gay, *that’s cool* and you know Nene is…I mean, Loves her some Drag Queens. I can Only Imagine how much FUN their having discussing *yeah, we can call it that* Their Fondness or Lack therof for Star. *I’d love to be a fly on the wall while they “Discuss” Star*

From reading their tweets, it seems that they met up in Miami, and had a Good time. 😉
*Ooh-la-la-la.. Oh Paris*
(I love that song 😉 *Grace Potter & the Nocturnals*

Ok..ok.. Back to NeNe & Al (Star, too)

I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled back & ears wide open (or..Vicey Versey) to see what the future brings for these two. (*Or till Celebrity Apprentice is over*) Until then… BAM, Baloop, Boink, Blah, Blah, Blah…

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitpic

By: Darlene – @TweetinGrandma On Twitter