Reputaion Vs Character

Reputaion Vs Character

“Reputation” is what others say about you.

“Character” is what you really are as evidenced by your actions when no one is observing.

Internet Libel Damages Your Online Reputation

Online Libel is a “low-tech” threat that goes largely unnoticed by the community, is ignored by criminal prosecutors and yet is the cause of billions of dollars in irreparable damage. It causes terrible losses to business goodwill, personal reputation and very significantly the emotional well-being of the human victims. Internet Defamation is the 21st Century pandemic form of the ancient legal theory of “SLANDER” with origins in Roman jurisprudence.

Offenders who are particularly pernicious in their smear campaigns appear to exhibit narcissistic or sociopath behavior, often crossing the criminal line with ease. If your case meets this criteria it is important that you understand what makes them tick. Although there can be many other explanations.

This libelous abuse of free speech and the impact on the victims is taken so seriously in the EU that it is a criminal offence in most member countries (if malicious).

Online Reputation Management

The efficiency of today’s search engines combined with what is often interpreted to be federal government immunity for internet re-publishers of internet libel is a devastating dilemma for those caught in the web or looking to defend their reputation. This growing risk of unchecked internet defamation should be taken seriously by any person or corporate organization with aspirations to a long and productive existence or career. How we can restore your online reputation….

Rexxfield offers economical and common-sense solutions to mitigate these risks in the short and long term. If the quagmire of litigation is unavoidable we can help your attorneys achieve results faster and more economically than they can alone. However, we can usually achieve results outside the court; often without your antagonist noticing.

Defines – What is a Psychopath?


a.k.a. Anti-Social Personality Disorder or Psychopath

lf you are under libelous attack by a person who has deceived and defrauded you, there is a possibility that the person is a sociopath. Sociopath s have no heart, no conscience and no remorse. They will lie, cheat and steal from you and then tell everyone that it is all your fault.

It is impossible for healthy people to imaging how a sociopath thinks. Try for a moment imagining having no conscience? The best way to sum it up is “You are not a person to a sociopath”. The shortest route between a sociopath and his or her agenda is a straight line, regardless of who or what stands in the way. A personality disorder is not an illness per se; it is simply a disorder. Many mental health professionals will tell you that apart from a miracle of God, they cannot be treated or cured; they are programmed for life.

“Since their information — including emotional information — is scattered all over both brain hemispheres, it takes too long for the brain to retrieve and process information, and the entire process of socialization becomes so ponderous that ultimately it fails.”
(From the book “Without Conscience” by Robert Hare, PhD.)

So how many are there? Depending which expert’s estimates you use, psychopath’s/sociopath’s comprise one percent to four percent of the world’s population. And many people think these estimates are low.

Why is it so critical for you to know about sociopath’s? Because millions of sociopath’s also called psychopath’s, are living among us. Yes, many of them are criminals, locked up in jail. But far more are on the street, hurting people without openly breaking laws, operating in the grey areas between legal and illegal, or simply eluding the authorities. They can appear to be normal, but they pose a tremendous threat to us all.

To learn more about sociopaths, Rexxfield recommends that you visit This web site is dedicated to informing the public about sociopaths, particularly with respect to personal and romantic relationships but the warning signs apply to all aspect of our lives. You might also want to read this article in the Lovefraud Blog, “Sociopaths and their smear campaigns”.

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  1. amia
    May 06, 2011 @ 18:10:38

    Hon, that tweeloco blog is a ploy to get IP’s . Notice how she said she can reply to emails? Then sating off the wall shit like lone person posted over 60 names” then deleted all the comments that tell what her plan is?


  2. amia
    May 06, 2011 @ 18:13:46

    Notice also there are no posts on grace? But she is allover the comment section? Then a character @prettynblackie emerged and many ppl caught on to who it was.


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