Why Do Some People, CRAVE ATTENTION?

~Why Do Some People,


“If you don’t see it with your eyes, don’t invent it with your mouth.” “Some people Need to get a Life, Or Enjoy the Life They’ve been Given.” Always Stiring up Trouble – for Their Own ATTENTION.. Is Your life So Boring, Sad or Lonely that the Only way you can Feel Anything, Is Too Have Attention given to you? You Want it so Bad, that you’ll Try and Make others Feel as Miserable as You Are.

So many people in this World of Ours, Want “ATTENTION”. They’ll go to Extremes from One end of the Spectrum to the Other. All for the feelings that the ATTENTION brings them. What Exactly is the Cause for this “Want” or “Desire”? ATTENTION, Defined as: The act or faculty of attending, especially by directing the mind to an object or PERSON. Why do We Demand, Desire, Even “CRAVE ATTENTION?”

What are we lacking in Our own life? Something is missing, or could it be Someone? We spend most of our lives searching for Acceptance. Whether from our parents, siblings, teachers, Religious leaders, A spouse, A Friend, the list goes on and on. In fact it goes on so long, that we sometimes lose focus of what exactly it is that we were “Searching for”.

In the bigger picture of it all, is it Worth the time and effort we put into it, to then find that we’re right back where we started from. Searching our Minds to find what it was We were searching for. Sounds Confusing, Right! Its Because it is. How can we ever find something, when we have no idea what it is we’re looking for.
Just imagine, playing a childs game of hide-n-seek. But, no one has gathered, Not one person in sight. Yet we’re told to find this “person”, How can we find someone or some thing we can’t see? Are we supposed to stand there and let “It” find Us? Is that how the “Game” is played? Do we follow the rules, or change them because the rules Don’t apply anymore? How do we know if someone is there waiting to be found? Is there a sign that will let us know? What will it take to get their Attention? Do I act as if I’m not playing the game, or cause a comotion to get their attention? I’m sure that either way will work, Ignore or React. Both of these will definitely get Attention, but are either the kind of attention I want?

One seems so cold and harsh, yet the other FEELS so out of control. Either way its gonna get me what I want, but is it What I NEED.

Only time will tell in this game that’s being played, but do I have the time to wait it out? Is it worth the wait, or is it better to move on. Which one suits me or you, better?©

Original Post Date
October 7th, 2010

To Be Continued—

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  1. Baca
    May 29, 2011 @ 18:08:23

    You know have been tweeting w/you since came into group around Christmas, but it has only been within the last 2 weeks found this blog! This has been my loss as it would have explained much 2 me on the ‘multiple’ personalities sadly allowed to use their pathetic and obviously empty lives to cause much confusion and thus misleading many who remain confused and even more losing sweet, lovely people we all enjoy. Please continue to remind us all, it is THEY who are to be pitied and in my opinion prayed for, as hard as that is, it is the only glimmer of hope remaining for at least their time left in THIS world to find some level of peace.


    • TweetinGrandma
      Aug 07, 2011 @ 07:48:00

      Hey Baca.. So Sorry for not Replying to u Until now (Honestly, Just saw this) 😦 Thank you, Sweetie, for all your kind & encouraging words.. I appreciate it.. My Post on “Why Do Some People Crave Attention” was written So Long ago, but I still feel the same as I did the day I wrote it.. Nice to hear that “Others” (YOU) Feel the same as I do about it.. You’re so Right, God has blessed Us all abundantly, and WHY Some people feel the need to Be mean, Hurtful, etc, to get Undeserving Attention, yet continue to Crave it, Absolutely blows my mind. Strange things, people do & Say for that “Sinful Attention”…Thanks Again for your thoughts.. Take Care, Sweetie.. ~Darlene @TweetinGrandma (BTW: I’ll be back to blogging soon–Lots of Summer fun been had with Hubby & My Sweet Girls!) xoxo


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